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Eye disease often isn’t as straightforward as pain or blurriness. Especially if you are at risk (older or diabetic), get your eyes’ interior and pressure checked!

Save your sight

Why get checked if you see and feel fine?

Vision-threatening conditions such as glaucoma are stealth thieves of vision - they often have no symptoms! Plus, if you have diabetes, you are especially vulnerable to excessive blood-vessel growth on your retinas, the backs of the eyeballs where the image you see is recorded and sent to the brain. Both conditions cause blindness. We will detect them and refer you to the right doctors.


Don't fear cataracts

Many people’s natural lenses in their eyes cloud up with age; nobody knows why. Once upon a time, you had to have your lenses removed, which condemned you to a life with very thick glasses. Not so now! We can catch cataracts early on and refer you to an eye surgeon who will skillfully remove them with a laser.


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